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Riley House

Fam House 01

I've been told this was the condition of the family home when it was first purchased. It looks like it needs a little bit of work.

Fam House 02

Supposedly this is the "after" photo of the same house. Notice Edward Riley sitting on the porch to the far left. This “after” photo is also in the North Castle Historical Society’s pamphlet, claiming that the house was on the peninsula, but I don’t know where. Looking at some other maps (including Del Peitschker's 1905 map in the North Castle Historical Society’s pamphlet), I think it may have been on the hill above (north of) the Pfister store, which if you continue far enough is the peninsula, but still below the current water line. The pamphlet also lists the house as belonging to Frank Riley, not Edward.

Fam Other House 01

Another photo of a house in Kensico. I’m not sure if the women in the photo are my ancestors or not. From the grade of the land, this looks even more like it's on the hill that is now the peninsula (assuming we're looking east). A lot of guessing here though.

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