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1909 Report

Planning and surveying of roads and structures continued in 1909. The main camp that will be used to support the construction of the Kensico Dike, influent, and effluent was located near the dike on the west side of the reservoir and saw the addition of about 20 buildings during the year. Interestingly the camp was mostly unoccupied since most workers lived in the area and stayed in their homes. The main contract to build the Kensico Dam and highways around the new reservoir, Contract 9, was awarded on December 24, 1909, but no work was done on the dam during the year.

Report 1909 Bridge Drawing 1

Report 1909 Bridge Drawing 2

Drawings of the new bridge (called the Rye Outlet Bridge) that would carry what is now NY-22 over the reservoir. The lower line shows the water level for the temporary reservoir while the upper line shows the level of the new reservoir.

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Synopsis written by Robert Mortell, 2013.