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Other Foundations

Unfortunately I’m not exactly sure where these pictures were taken, and in some cases I’m not even sure which pictures are of the same versus different foundations, but they still give a good feel for the condition of many of the foundations.

An old foundation clearly showing a window and doorway.

Pen Unknown 1 02Pen Unknown 1 01

A foundation built into a hillside.

Pen Unknown 2 01

Looking in to one of the foundations.

Pen Unknown 3 01

An interior wall divides a foundation.

Pen Unknown 3 02

More exterior views of a foundation.

Pen Unknown 3 03Pen Unknown 3 04

Stairs leading down into a foundation.

Pen Unknown 3 05Pen Unknown 3 06

A sunken window.

Pen Unknown 3 07

More foundation walls.

Pen Unknown 3 08Pen Unknown 3 09

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