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1918 Report

During 1918 plans were being made to complete the plaza in front of the Kensico Dam. These included the building of the stairs from the plaza to the top of the dam on each side, and the trees and shrubs that would be used to beautify the area. Tree planting continued near the upper pavilions and on the eastern hillside below the dam.

Report 1918 Dam Overview

The view of the dam from the southeast. The road in the foreground is the now-closed brick road to the top of the dam on the east side.

The contract under which the Kensico Dam was constructed, contract 9, was officially completed on May 31, 1918. Under a different contract, virtually all of the electric lighting was installed.

Report 1918 Aerator

Brick was laid in the aerator on the west side of the reservoir. The work was completed in June and the aerator was in continuous operation once work was complete.

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Synopsis written by Robert Mortell, 2013.