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School #6

Looking at the old 1867 Beers map, School #6 is the northernmost foundation on the peninsula. It was on the west side of the street just before the old road dips back into a small section of the reservoir at the northern end. The way the land was laid out it was almost possible to still picture a small school there. The North Castle Historical Society publication from 1983 includes a picture of the old school.

You may notice something missing from this page, like a picture of the remains of the school. I have pictures of the old foundation, of the yard around the school, and of the old stone stairs from the road to the schoolyard. Unfortunately, after hours of digging through thousands of old photographs, I still haven't been able to find them. It's incredibly frustrating. So I'm keeping this page here, empty, to remind myself to keep looking. Hopefully someday this page will actually be worth a look.

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