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The "Big Building"

This building did not appear on the 1867 Beers map nor was it obvious from the 1899 map (if it was there) so on the first trip we never saw this foundation. It was set well back from the road, on the east side near the top of the hill as you descend to the south. We probably would have missed it completely except that we noticed an opening in the stone wall along the road. We figured there had to be a reason for the opening, and sure enough, after hiking a bit we came across the largest of any of the foundations we found.

We start with two views from the road of the opening in the stone wall that suggested something might lie beyond.

Big Building Wall OpeningBig Building Wall Opening

After a bit of searching we found the large old foundation. A cut for a window can be seen in the far wall. We're not sure why the closest side lacked a wall. There were some much smaller foundations to our right, most likely small out-buildings.


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