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Power Lines

Looking around the area near the “Big Building”, we came across the crossbar from an old power or telegraph pole. Looking around a little more, we found an old log that, after further inspection, we realized wasn’t an old log at all, but was actually an old pole lying on the ground. As we hunted further, we found another old pole on the ground. Following the imaginary line formed by the poles down the hill, we found more old poles, also on the ground. Finally the line brought us to the water’s edge where we found a large metal pole in concrete still standing (but without any crossbars) and an identical pole on the eastern shore of the reservoir. I had seen the pole on the eastern shore from NY-22 many times, but had never known what it was, since it almost looks like a small crane. (Actually it looked exactly like the poles that until recently lined the Harlem Line railroad tracks between North White Plains and Mount Vernon.) The pole near NY-22 was still standing in 2013, sitting a bit offshore in the reservoir.

Two pictures of the crossbar.


One of the old poles. The spike at the end is what convinced us that it was once a power pole. The second photo has a closeup of the spike.

Pole with Spike

Spike Closeup

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